Bang Bang Prawns R 95
Tempura crust, Sriracha Mayonnaise

Calamari R 90
Oven grilled with lemon butter or peri peri sauce
Fried Mediterranean style with classic tartare sauce

Snails 3 ways R 95
Garlic and parsley, smoked paprika, blue cheese

Smoked Springbok Carpaccio R 85
Shaved parmesan, rocket, biltong dust, coriander infused olive oil

Playing with Samoosa’s R 95
Every element of a prawn samoosa…. De-constructed all the way

Cuban Chicken Livers R 75
Garlic, cream, tomato, peppers, chilli, coriander

Nacho’s (V) R 70
Guacamole, salsa, jalapenos, sour cream

Creamy White Wine and Garlic Mussels R 80

Jalapeno Poppers (v) R 60

Tempura Fish Cakes R 50
3 in a portion- coriander, chilli, ginger with sweet chilli jam

Steak Trinchado R 80
Garlic, tomato, chilli, cream


Pear and Blue Cheese (v) R 85
Candied pecans, cider and honey dressing

Asian Prawn and Pineapple salad R 95
Noodles, cashews, sesame seeds, honey and soy dressing

Castro Salad (v) R 85
Mixed greens, lentils, feta, cashews, sweet paprika vinaigrette

Caesar R 70
Grana, egg, anchovies, avocado
ADD grilled chicken R 45
ADD Bacon R 20

Avocado, Feta and Bacon R 85
Rosa tomatoes, cucumber, mixed greens

Table Greek Salad R 140

Greek Salad R 80


Vegetable Stir Fry (v) R 135
Noodles or Rice, cashews and a selection of veg

Vegetable Enchilada (v) R 135
Mixed vegetables in a tortilla, baked with cheese and sofrito

Pasta Havana (v) R 135
Roasted peppers, mushrooms, chilli, sofrito cream & oregano


All our beef is wet aged, with the exception of T-Bone and Fillet on the Bone which are dry aged. Steaks are seasoned with Maldon salt, black pepper, thyme and mustard seeds.

Grills are served with a choice of fries, baked potato, mash potato or basmati rice.

T BONE400gR 200
600gR 240
FILLET200gR 170
300gR 210
400gR 220
SIRLOIN200gR 145
300gR 185
RIB EYE200gR 170
300gR 210


Fillet on the Bone 500g R 250
Mash, baby spinach, red wine and onion jus

Jalapeno and Feta Stuffed Fillet R 210
Bacon wrapped, tomato salsa, cheese sauce
*Best served medium to medium-rare

Shisa Nyama Short Ribs Thin Cut 400g R 170

Ostrich Fillet R 190
Black pepper mash, blueberry jus
*Best served medium to rare

Venison R 200
Choice of starch, greens, red wine jus
*Best served medium rare

Sauces R35

Creamy Garlic





Red wine and onion

Cheese and jalapeno

Peri Peri

Cheese and Biltong



Grilled Prince Prawn(3) R 55

Crispy bacon and camembert R 60

Marrow, blue cheese butter and crispy onions R 55

Creamy garlic mussels R 55


Grilled Lamb Chops 400g R 225

Slow Roasted Lamb Shank R 245
mash, seasonal vegetables, rosemary jus

Lamb Stir Fry R 150


Chicken and Prawn Curry R 175
Basmati rice, curry condiments

Mozambican Chicken R 160
Whole baby chicken, peri peri sauce and fries

Tandoori Style Chicken R 150
Mushroom scented mash, minted cumin yogurt and salsa rosa

Chicken Che Guevara R 175
Penne pasta, chicken pieces, pink prawns, Dijon mustard cream sauce


Tomahawk Grilled Rack Chop Korean BBQ Basting R 170
Wasabi and green onion mash, wok seared vegetables

Deboned Pork Ribs R165
Sweet chilli basting, fries

Pork Belly R 180
Mash, pickled red cabbage, apple sauce


(Our Line fish catch changes daily, ask your waiter for daily specials)

Crayfish Tails SQ

Grilled Prawns SQ

Grilled Seafood Platter SQ

For one SQ – for two SQ

Simply Grilled Line fish R 195
Lemon butter, green beans, choice of starch

Seafood Curry R 180
Mauritian style daube curry with basmati rice and Poppadum

Calamari R 195
Lemon or peri peri served with savoury rice and green beans

Calamari R 195
Fried with tartare sauce and green side salad

Norwegian Salmon R 230

Champ and dill cream sauce


Basmati rice R 30

Savoury rice R 35

Mashed potatoes R 30

Seasonal vegetables R 35

Cinnamon roasted butternut R 35

Salt baked potato R 30

Creamed spinach R 30

Crispy Onions R 35

Fries R 30

Sautéed garlic mushrooms R 45

Green salad R 40

Greek salad R 60

Caesar salad R 40

Cos, croutons, grana, Caesar dressing

Wok Fried rice R 40


Cigarette and a cup of coffee R 40
Smoked espresso mousse

Crème Brulee R60

Fondant R70
Liquid Callebaut dark chocolate centre

Warm Chocolate Nut Brownie R 50
Vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce

Vanilla Ice-cream and Chocolate Sauce R 50

Pecan Bread and Butter Pudding R55
Butterscotch sauce, vanilla ice-cream

Trio of Sorbet R 50
Short bread biscuits

Seafood and Grill Room, Sun Coast, Durban